Collection: Personalised Dating Packages for Christian Singles

Our Personalised Dating Package entitles you to go on 3 or 5 dates on a 1:1 setting. As compared to large group singles events, you get to match with someone with common interests (based on your preferred choice of activity) and enjoy quality time to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Our Relationship Managers will match you with people based on your preferred criteria (based on the criterion stated in the application form), and arrange for your dates based on your preferred activities. Skip the swiping and just turn up for your dates!

    How It Works:

    • Sign up to be on our waiting list
    • You will receive an email from our Relationship Managers when you have been successfully enrolled into our database for matching
    • Our Relationship Managers will share with you more about our personalised dating services
    • Sit back and relax while we curate your personalised dates!

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